ETHbox Public Sale is Taking Place on Duckstarter

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ETHbox Public Sale is Taking Place on Duckstarter


Ethbox, an Ethereum security escrow platform, has announced the start of its token’s public sale via DuckStarter on March 25th of 2021.

The sale will see a total of 1.625 million EBOX tokens available at a price of $0.055, with 250 wallets being whitelisted every 5 minutes to participate in the sale. The team behind the sale announced that over 2.1k wallets had registered to participate in the sale so far.

Duckstarter, a community-led crowdfunding platform created by DuckDao, has been one of the most successful platforms for the funding of decentralized platforms by crypto investors, with DuckDao members being eligible to receive a special discount.

By holding 10 DDIM or 1000 DUCK tokens, DuckDao members can save to 10% on service fees or 25% if they hold 10k DDIm or 200k DUCK tokens, further incentivizing their participation in the public sale.

Once the sale is complete, the token will be listed in Uniswap for holders and late investors to trade in the Decentralized Exchange, which will create new opportunities for those looking to invest on EBOX.

A Major Milestone for The Project

The private sale of the EBOX token represents a major milestone in the roadmap of the project as it will see the start of the distribution of the governance token to interested parties, effectively marking the beginning of the decentralized governance process by allowing users to participate in the decision making.

The EBOX token will also provide holders with up to 50% of the revenue generated by the platform from fees, which can be paid by using EBOX or other cryptocurrencies to facilitate adoption.

While a total supply of 65 million EBOX will be minted, only 35% will be allocated to token sales and the rest will be distributed to other uses like marketing, liquidity pool, bonuses, etc.

At a time when Ethereum gas prices continue to increase and errors in transactions become more costly, interest in projects like ETHbox (and therefore its cryptocurrencies), continue to grow.

The results of this private sale will sure to have an impact on the future of the platform in different areas beyond the economics, which has caused supporters of the project to take advantage of this earlier stage to increase their profits.

ETHbox Aims to Make Transactions Easier and Safer

ETHbox is a smart contract-based digital escrow platform designed to help crypto investors to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain more easily and safely by avoiding the possibility of errors that could result in financial losses.

The crypto ecosystem is known for being challenging for beginners and veterans alike due to the complex User Interfaces (UIs), lack of centralized authorities, and immutability of the transactions, which often results in big losses when an error is made when transacting.

According to Luka Schiefer, ETHbox co-founder, the interest in the token has been overwhelming which reflects the need for such a platform in the ever-growing crypto ecosystem.

“Based on preliminary data, our interest form showed that there was actually 12 times more interest than we could actually offer on the initial private sale round during the first 24 hours, post-announcement. One week after, we had already been subscribed for more than 20 times of our token allocation “, Schiefer stated.

The platform also offers its users the opportunity to use its staking and revenue sharing features to generate passive income, further increasing the investment strategies they can use in the crypto market easily and conveniently.

The platform also makes use of obfuscation algorithms to increase privacy in all transactions, which has become an increasing issue on popular blockchain networks for well-known crypto addresses due to the pseudo-anonymity that surrounds them.




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