Have the Inu Tokens Finally Found Their Leader in Powered Gaming?

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Have the Inu Tokens Finally Found Their Leader in Powered Gaming?


The decentralized nature of the crypto sector gives room for several cryptocurrencies to thrive amongst their communities. The industry currently has thousands of cryptocurrencies in active trading, some of which are tributes or representations of ideas or events. While many are much older and considerably more serious, several others are meme coins.

A meme coin is a cryptocurrency that gained popularity relatively quickly (with some much quicker than others), especially when it is based on an online event, phenomenon, or promotional effort. The definition also covers coins originating from jokes or other whimsical events or ideas. Generally, most people credit Dogecoin as the first meme coin, as it started as a joke back in 2013. Apart from paving the way for future meme coins, Dogecoin is also the first “dog coin,” featuring the face of the notorious Shiba Inu dog as its logo. Since it became popular, many other dog tokens have launched, and are now pulling in massive trading numbers. Following Dogecoin’s success, several dog coins – such as Shiba Inu – began to establish themselves. However, of all the dog coins available on the market, is there a clear leader yet?

Mononoke Inu

Mononoke Inu sets itself apart as a token focused on the community. Inspired by the popular childhood adventure picture, Mononoke Inu’s primary goal is to restore unity to the DeFi sector. The platform wants to repair trust between DeFi communities and teams by continuously listening to its community and engaging members.

Mononoke Inu also wants to change the current narrative about meme coins. For a while now, there have been a lot of bad actors and untrustworthy people who mislead and exploit members of the crypto community. In many cases, these people make many promises to members of their community, but end up meeting only halfway, and sometimes, not following through at all. Mononoke Inu will show the community that the DeFi sector, and crypto at large, can thrive in a community with honesty and a transparent push for DeFi improvement.


At the base of all Mononoke Inu plans is the community. The team split its current roadmap into several phases with a target of 150,000 holders and a $5 billion market capitalization at the end of the 4th phase. Other plans include partnerships with known crypto influencers to build trust with the public, as well as custom NFT contests.

Mononoke Inu is also developing a 2D play-to-earn game. Although there is no confirmed launch date as of now, the game will be web-based and available on desktop and mobile operating systems. Mononoke Inu’s game will be a play-to-earn offering that provides financial incentives to all players taking part. These players can earn by participating in and completing game levels or defeating game bosses. There will also be random power-ups that players can collect to multiply their earnings.

As part of community efforts and in addition to earning via regular gameplay, players can earn additional tokens by taking part in daily competitions where the three most impressive players will receive rewards. To sweeten the opportunity, players will also be able to collect NFTs to increase their chances of winning the daily contest. Before the final launch, Mononoke Inu will release early game previews for members of the community to contribute their opinions to the final release.

The Clear Leader

Although it is one of more than 80 “Inu” coins listed on CoinMarketCap, Mononoke Inu clearly leads the pack among Inu tokens and meme coins. Through community participation, Mononoke Inu’s plan for public involvement and general transparency has the potential to bring in the DeFi community in droves.




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