Number of Bitcoin Addresses with Non-Zero Balances Hits ATH

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Number of Bitcoin Addresses with Non-Zero Balances Hits ATH


Recent data from crypto data analytics provider Glassnode reveals that the total number of Bitcoin addresses with non-zero balances has hit a new all-time high (ATH) of 37,125,166. 

While this data could not reveal whether a particular investor owns one or more addresses, the 37 million addresses is a reflection of how far the Bitcoin ecosystem has grown from the days where asset managers and financial advisors called it a speculative asset, to that which they are all scrambling to be a part of.

By this time last year, Bitcoin was trading well below $10,000 per coin, and going by the current price or valuation of $59,062.96, the coin has grown by more than 816% year-over-year. In a recent comparison with other institutional assets made by Messari, Bitcoin was adjudged to be the biggest gainer of all in the first quarter of 2021, lending more credence to the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency as a deflationary asset of choice.

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs to Offer BTC Services 

The accumulation of Bitcoin or the show of interest to stack up on what many now call the “digital gold” is not only gaining traction amongst the retail odds on social media, big multinational investment banks including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are gearing up to begin offering Bitcoin services to their clients.

While the Goldman Sachs position is the latest in the news, many Bitcoin proponents believe that the offering of Bitcoin services by these firms, no matter the form they take will help open broader or mainstream access to the cryptocurrency and complement the earlier purchases made by MicroStrategy Incorporated, Tesla Inc and Square Inc amongst others.

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