People Aren’t ‘Ready to Hear’ About Inequities in the Metaverse

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People Aren’t 'Ready to Hear' About Inequities in the Metaverse


“A lot of people are saying, ‘We’re in the metaverse, identity doesn’t exist, skin color, race, gender identity doesn’t exist,’” Sinclair says. “That’s not true.” It’s even less true when what a lot of people want to get out of joining Web 3 communities online is the real-life experiences that come with them – the in-person meetups, the parties like Ape Fest and the conferences full of networking opportunities. People still want to find others they can relate to, who share their interests and experiences. “Even though it’s about digital identity, our bodies are not going away,” Sinclair says. “And the struggles that come with our bodies are not going away.”



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