Phemex Exchange Adds SHIB, DYDX & FTM for Spot Trading

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Phemex Exchange Adds SHIB, DYDX & FTM for Spot Trading


Phemex, the renowned crypto exchange and crypto futures trading platform announced back in November 26, 2021 the addition of three popular new assets for spot trading. Now Phemex clients can trade SHIB, DYDX and FTM on the spot markets.

There are loads of great trading opportunities out there, and Phemex is committed to delivering the best assets to its clients. Unlike many other platforms, Phemex offers lightning fast trades, and very competitive rates.

Here is more information about the tokens that Phemex just added!

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

An ERC20 token that directly competes with Dogecoin as two of the world’s most popular meme coins. SHIB has created massive gains for traders, and now Phemex clients can trade SHIB on the spot market.

Meme coins are still hot, and there are loads of reasons to look at these tokens as a way to make a profit in crypto.

In December 2021, Phemex hosted a new Grab a Coin event to reward SHIB traders and to celebrate the new listing of SHIB on its spot trading platform.

Users were able to win up to 21,000 USDT prize pool after completing the campaign actions detailed on the event announcement. Winners were announced recently, and prizes will be distributed starting January 10th.


Phemex added the governance token for the dYdX decentralized exchange platform, which allows holders to leverage transactions with smart contracts over Ethereum.

Phemex also hosted a new Grab a Coin to reward users trading DYDX and as a celebration for adding DYDX tokens to the Phemex spot trading platform.

Traders were able to win up to a 21,000 USDT prize pool. The campaign runs from Dec 20 to 27, and winners will be announced on January 3rd. Prizes will start to be given out by January 24th, 2022.

Users participate in two separate prize pools to win. The first prize pool is via lucky airdrop. Out of all those who joined and completed the campaign steps, 100 traders will be selected to share a prize pool of $1000. Each selected winner will get $10 USDT.

The second prize pool is awarded to those spot trading DYDX during the campaign period. Traders who reach a volume over $1,000 in DYDX spot trading will share the initial prize pool of 10,000 USDT for this segment.

The total prize pool for this segment can scale up to 20,000 USDT if the total trading volume achieved by all participants during the campaign period is above $100 million worth of DYDX.

Fantom (FTM)

Phemex also listed the utility token of Fantom, the smart contract platform based on directed acyclic graph that’s highly scalable and gas-free.

There is a lot of interest in blockchain platforms that cut costs, which makes Fantom a potential winner. For anyone that wants to trade it on the spot market, its addition to Phemex is very welcome.

So again to celebrate the new listing of FTM on Phemex’s spot trading platform, a new Grab a Coin event was held to reward FTM traders on Phemex.

Traders were able to win up to 21,000 USDT prize pool by trading FTM during the campaign period (Dec 13 – 20). The announcement of the winners will happen on Dec 27th and prizes will be distributed starting from Jan 17, 2022.

Trade Better With Phemex

Phemex is one of the best choices for anyone who wants to trade crypto. It offers both spot trading and futures contracts. Having carved out a strong competitive presence in the crypto trading space, Phemex continues to evolve quickly.

In addition to great trading options, Phemex has loads of new contests and offers all the time. Find out more insights about Phemex.



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