VR Content Platform Dvision Network to Auction Crypto Celebrity Avatar and Other Limited-Edition NFTs


Dvision Network, the blockchain-based virtual reality (VR) content ecosystem, has announced the introduction of five limited-edition NFT characters, to be auctioned later this month. These NFTs are the first among many unique tokens to be introduced by the project as it continues to enhance the VR industry.

The limited-edition NFTs will be auctioned on OpenSea – a leading decentralized NFT trading and auction platform to mark Dvision’s own primary NFT marketplace’s upcoming launch. Those successfully bidding at the auction to acquire these valuable crypto assets will also become eligible for certain privileges within the Dvision ecosystem, including access to NFTs from other limited-edition series and DVI token incentives. One of the five limited-edition NFT designs is the avatar prototype of celebrities in the crypto world, which has become the centerpiece of the entire exercise.

“We intend to supply these sorts of unique NFT items to the prospective Dvision Network users in order to add the fun elements to their gamified metaverse ecosystem experience, and to let them play joyfully, surfing across the virtual reality and open-world via the usage of the celebrity characters,” said JungHyun Eom, CEO of Dvision Network

The auctioned NFTs can be used within the Dvision metaverse and traded on primary and secondary NFT markets.


Dvision’s Vision for Virtual Reality

Dvision is one among a handful of crypto projects in the VR segment. The project aims to improve the space by addressing the existing challenges surrounding content quality, customization, market expansion, and copyright protection in the VR content market. The three primary services on the Dvision network making it possible include:

VR-City – a public space within the virtual world for users to visit and experience a diverse range of VR content.
VR-Space – a feature that enables individuals and businesses to create their own custom virtual space
VR-Market – a public platform for users to trade their VR items

While the use of blockchain technology makes tracing and enforcing copyright protections easier, the availability of other resources in an open, readily accessible platform encourages community participation in the virtual reality space. The collaborative environment offered by Dvision Network will help individual developers, studios, businesses, advertisers and end-users join forces to create and consume quality virtual reality content.

Dvision Network is establishing a strong partner network to make its ecosystem secure, user-friendly and easily accessible. It has already joined forces with Chainlink, Blockchain Game Alliance, Blockwater Capital, Matic, Arkane Network, Coinbase Custody, Upbit Safe and more.

DVI in Dvision Network

The Dvision blockchain network is built on Ethereum protocol and fueled by DVI utility token. DVI is also the preferred payment method within the Dvision ecosystem where users, developers and advertisers can buy and sell digital content, promote their businesses, and even acquire their own space in the virtual world by staking.

In another milestone, Bithumb Korea has listed the DVI/BTC trading pair on the platform. Soon, it will include DVI/KRW following the project’s performance in the recently concluded “BTC Open” event. Other exchanges listing DVI include CoinOne, Uniswap and Hoo.

The limited-edition NFT auction will help in further adoption of the Dvision Network. It offers the community an opportunity to acquire a unique digital asset and receive additional perpetual benefits within the ecosystem.


Image by dongpung from Pixabay

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